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Aircraft Sounds

Aircraft Sounds

Sound effects from some of the most powerful machines in the sky.  From Helicopters to fighter jets this pack has it all. Aircraft launches and catastrophic crashes are included.

  • 747 crash
  • A-7 Corsairs land
  • A-7 Corsairs launch
  • Airplane Landing
  • Airplane take off
  • Biplane landing
  • Biplane shutoff
  • Biplane startup
  • AWAC landing
  • B-52 engine start
  • B-52 take-off
  • b-52 taxi
  • C-130 take-off
  • C-13o- fly overhead
  • Cessna 337 engine start
  • Cessna 337 stalling, rev
  • Cessna fly by
  • Cessna shut down
  • Cessna skymaster fly by
  • Corsair fly by
  • F-A18 Hornet Launch
  • F-14 Tomcat fly by with sonic boom
  • F-14 Tomcat powering down
  • F-15 Eagle Strafe ground target
  • F-16 Drop Bomb
  • F-16 Fly by
  • F-A18 Hornet fly by
  • Hawkeye E-2c
  • Hawkeye E-2c powering up
  • Hawkeye E-2c landing
  • Helicopter Crash
  • Helicopter takeoff and flying
  • Helicopter-idling
  • Jet- interior in flight sound
  • S-2 Tracker Gruman landing
  • Single engine plane crash
  • Space shuttle lift off


Aircraft Sounds
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  3. This is another great sound pack.

  4. Mr King can you read minds? Because you seem to always know what filmmakers need and then you do the most incredible job presenting it. You are so talented. Not many great minds out there like you.


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    I’m putting these fighter jet sounds in my next video. Thanks for the best free sound effects ever and making them downloadable for free Zach! and the teem.

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    Love it Zach King. You are a f***ing rockstar!

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  12. How about a bullet hitting dirt soundeffect?
    Love your films!

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