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Electricity Surges

Electricity Surges

This download pack includes some electrifying sounds that will shock your socks off… pun intended.

The download includes a few minutes of different types of electricity sounds.

Electricity Surges
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  1. Hey Zach! Awesome website, thank you very much, this is really helpfull!

  2. Andrew Studer /

    This is perfect! Thanks Zach!

  3. Great site Zach, I can see this becoming a big asset for may Indie film makers!!
    Keep up the outstanding work!

  4. Great site Zach and thanks for the download :D

  5. Karen williams /

    you are amazing. thanks for taking the time to share all these sounds. what a beautiful website. the content is amazing.

  6. Haily Porden /

    consider this shared with all my facebook friends!

  7. gilbert /

    i dont see a download button? -___-

  8. I like it, download!

  9. This website gives me the electrical surges because it is so awesome!!!!

  10. sound expert /

    Best electrical sounds I have ever found…..and they are free.

  11. ok

  12. awesome thanks zach!

  13. xristoph /

    the link brought me to this message Invalid or Deleted File
    can you give me a clue please ?
    very great website

  14. Thx Zach your the best!

  15. Link to Mediafire no longer valid. :(

  16. Anonymous /

    link worked ok for me although some of the otheres are broken
    great work – thanks

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  18. Where’s the download button?

  19. Thanx zzz

  20. thx very much! it help a lot !