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Helicopter Sounds

Helicopter Sounds

The helicopter sound effect pack was in high demand after the release of the aircraft pack. You’ll find the types of helicopter sounds below.

  • 4 Helicopter Fly By’s
  • 2 Helicopter Overhead Idles
  • 2 Hovering Helicopters

Helicopter Sounds
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  1. Awesomeness!

  2. Absolutely great stuff! Thanks for everything. Wish you could put some green screen effects for downloading :D

  3. You guys on the FinalCutKing team sure do know how to put out the amazing work. Everything you do seems to turn to pure gold.

  4. Good

  5. nice

  6. you have to put your email in th email bar below the discription of the sounds

  7. Waiting for that one, thanks. You really are The King man!

    • Zach really is the KING man of the film world. He will be discovered on a bigger scale soon. He is too much of a genius.

  8. Awesome. Aweomse. Awesome!

  9. it would be so awesome f you made some movie effects downloads!

  10. Anonymous /

    Hello sack. iv’ed watched many of your videos on u tube and they’re great,
    keep up the great work . lots of luck.

  11. wouldn’t let me use the helicopter sound fx. all the other sound fx on your website work, and they are great!

  12. joshua /

    it needs a password… :(

  13. download dosn’t work on google chrome

  14. On your email, don’t click the url, click the words download link that is the link

  15. Anonymous /

    yall should realy be in hollywood making movie effects for Iron Man 3 and other cool stuff

  16. When I download the zip file and try to extract it it tells me to enter a password. Anyone know what it is?

  17. Anonymous /

    Did you ever get a password?

  18. cant dl..

  19. Anonymous /

    The link you are trying to reach is no longer valid :-(

  20. Can this link be repaired?

  21. Haqdost /

    Link is not Valid Please Fix it !

  22. LoryNick /

    The link doesn’t work! Repair it please :(

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    Please contact the provider of this link for assistance