The best free sound effects… ever



This is a free Nature Sound Effects pack with over 20 nature ambience from thunder storms to fields.

The Nature Sound Effects Download includes:

  • High Cloud Thunder
  • Dogs in Thunderstorms
  • Sirens and Thunder
  • Variations of Thunder
  • Thunderstorms and Lightning
  • Windy Storms at Night

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  1. Kiersten /

    Thanks soo much for these awesome new sound effects. The rain and the “Dog in rain” sound effect is going to be sweet ambiance for my Halloween vid. Thanks soo much. I have been supporting you for a while and I love what you do for us film makers! Thanks a lot.
    – Kiersten

  2. Anonymous /

    link in email dont work, oh well

  3. These are no longer valid. Is there an updated link?

  4. Anonymous /

    oaahhhh…. vry bad man

  5. Anonymous /

    Link not working.