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Bullet Shots

Bullet Shots

This Sound Pack includes over 30 Bullet Shot SFX that will make your movie’s sound like they were recorded by Hollywood professionals.

Hear some of these gun sounds in use.

Bullet Shots
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  1. Barry l /

    I know this pack does nit have a preview bar at the moment but I will let all know that this pack is amazing!!!

  2. Franc /

    i don’t think so…

  3. Where did you get the C4?

  4. Anonymous /

    omg they evn have matrix

  5. Anonymous /

    how to download this one

  6. hey im just want to tell you i am so so loving the sounds effects and in my youtube videos i will tell were to get them and who made them :)

  7. Anonymous /

    So, this is great.

  8. Anonymous /