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Gun Pack 2

Gun Pack 2

You’ve asked for it so here is the second Gun sounds pack. This pack includes 120 gun sounds that are excellent quality.

  • AK Shots
  • Anaconda
  • AUG
  • AWP
  • Axe
  • Beretta
  • Colt 1911
  • Deagle
  • Dragunov
  • DSR
  • G36K
  • Gatling
  • K1A
  • K2
  • Knife
  • Kriss
  • M4A1
  • M4Silencer
  • M9
  • M12s
  • M16
  • M60
  • M700
  • Micro GALIL
  • MP5
  • MP7
  • MSG-90
  • P90
  • P228
  • PSG
  • QBZ
  • RPK
  • ScarHeavy
  • ScarLight
  • SG552
  • Shovel
  • SPAS
  • Tar21
  • Tommy
  • Type-89
  • Uzi
  • Winchester
  • XM8
  • XM1014

Gun Pack 2
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  1. will kary /

    This is even better than the first pack. You really are doing great. I have never seen a group of filmmakers work to hard to help others. So great to see you blessing other people. please keep it up/

  2. Carl Waters /

    Quick update and great sounds. We are waiting for more.

  3. Thanks for the SFX!

  4. You’re awesome Zach. You will be the next Steven Spielberg!

  5. Thanx for the sound effects

  6. Thank you so much, this is going to help everyones action films so much!! Check it out once i put these sounds so good use!

  7. Sousou007 /

    How can I download the SFX ? I can’t see any download link :/

    • Right underneath the list of all the gun names, you see a title that says “Download the gun pack 2″ right under that there is a field that says to enter in your email. Type in your email, then click “DOWNLOAD” which is directly underneath it.

      The download link will be sent to you using the link provided.

    • indianawill1 /

      below the list of sfx you put in your email then you go to it to download them! :-D

    • Anonymous /

      Type your e-mail and it’s under of it .

    • Anonymous /

      like me :d

    • i couldn’t at first either but if you reload the page (ctrl + r) it will show up under the last gun listed

  8. Sousou007 /

    Oh I can now, I guess you have to leave a comment… Thanks a lot for this amazing website :D

  9. Dylan Feeney /

    This Is an amazing websight :)

  10. hey! how do i dowload does fx??

  11. nice sound effects!

  12. Barry l /

    No one has made a site as clean and filled with quality content for sound like this one.

  13. Anonymous /

    its great, thanks but i dont see where we download.

  14. Cool sound effects

  15. This is very nice. Much appreciated..

  16. These help a lot thanks Zach (:

  17. Anonymous /

    Zach you rock dude! You are the best because you help your industry grow!

  18. I’m supposed to type in my email to get the sounds. Where do I type it in? (And what is the “Website” area for?

  19. Coolman /

    This is cool?

  20. Wanting to get started with SFX. This will help. Thanks!!

  21. Luis Rivera /

    I like does sound effect guns sorry my ingle is not so good. u can sent me guns efect

  22. King – you give so much away unlike most people who hoard for themselves. Thanks for your heart of giving. You will succeed and so will everyone who hangs around you. I am going to post this message several times so you see it.

    Hunter, PA

  23. King – you give so much away unlike most people who hoard for themselves. Thanks for your heart of giving. You will succeed and so will everyone who hangs around you. I am going to post this message several times so you see it.

    Hunter, PA

  24. Nice

  25. nice website very proffesional

  26. nice nice nice and free as well !! keep on going

  27. Cool website

  28. Best Website for sound effects ever! Thanks so much Zach King (And Team of Developers) Really is a blessing!

    -God Bless

  29. Is there somebody who knows where the link is ???? …

  30. NIce site i hope i can download the effects now!

  31. Phil Arvidsson /


  32. good sounds

  33. This Is So Awesome thanks a ton!!

  34. Hey how come i dont get a “email-download” button?????

  35. i dont recive download link in my e-mail whyy?

  36. hello Mr King can you read minds? Because you seem to always know what filmmakers need and then you do the most incredible job presenting it. You are so talented. Not many great minds out there like you.

  37. Sousou007 /

    There is no “email-download” button on google chrome :/

  38. I did not get any download link..

  39. oops.. now i got it..

  40. Faultofdan /

    This is perfect, I’m shooting a scene on tuesday!

  41. Lawrence Liu /

    i downloaded it and it hasnt arrived in my inbox and i downloaded it twice

  42. MrLordStickman /

    Awesome sound effects!!!!!

  43. Carson White /


  44. Kaden Rudofski /

    I don’t see my download link.

  45. Ben O'S /

    Really great stuff, AWESOME quality and so much variety, this is excactly what i need for my films thankyou! Keep it up!

  46. thanks zach appreciate it

  47. Anonymous /

    i have downloaded but i dont get the link in the email?

  48. Sounds.. gotta love ‘em

  49. Tigo /


  50. Tigo /


  51. Benny L. /

    These are the bomb!

  52. Racer Cruz /

    does this work on mac? PLZ PLZ PLZ reply

  53. making a parody of Call Of Duty. “Call Of Honeybuns” look for it on Youtube Zach I’ll put this site in the credits. :)

  54. Lol I’m pretty sure you ripped these from BF3. Isn’t that illegal?

  55. Eaten /

    Great! Thanks

  56. Eaten /


  57. ethan /


  58. this great i cant wait to use some of these in my stop motions!!!

  59. Enter your full name here /

    Thankksss ;D

  60. Enter your full name here /

    wait… when I load the page all is normal, but a few seconds after the email box and the download button dissaprears … please help !

  61. The Anonymous Man /

    Wonderful, these will be quite handy. :D

  62. JAson Park /

    This is awesome. Thanks FinalCutKing for these amazing sound effects and organization on thewebsite!!!

  63. I type in my email, hit download, and nothing..

  64. Anonymous /

    Thank you so much Zach, I’ve been looking for some descent M4 gun sfx for ages. You the man, Thanks again.

  65. Marina B. /

    This is an amazing website. Thanks for making the time to put all this together!!! I also am a big fan of your youtube videos.

  66. Adnan S. /

    Thanks!!!! Best gun sound effects I’ve ever gotten!!

  67. amazing stuff ! this is exactly what i’m looking for thx alot :)

  68. lane233 /

    how do you put it in a video

  69. Herp Derpenson /

    This is an amazing help! You are one of the best film makers on YouTube without a doubt, and even better for willing to help a growing community. Your tutorials have helped me and my channel grow exponentially!

  70. zack johnson /

    i dont know how to use it in my videos

  71. awesome thanks

  72. rly good thnx

  73. Anonymous /

    It did not go to my email?

  74. Anonymous /

    hey … this sound effects came from the game Crossfire??? yes its really like this and this is it.

  75. Anonymous /


  76. The download link is dead…

  77. OllieBarwell /

    The link in the email does not work.It says the file no longer exists! :o
    But otherwise, Great Website!! :D

  78. Nikolaj /

    Sounds awesome :)

  79. Tristan /

    How to you Download it?

  80. Anonymous /

    thnx man ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, like it :D

  81. God bless you bro, Thats just awesome what you do.

  82. wait… wait a minute… How do I download? There is no email or download button

  83. The email link just dissapears!

  84. Thanks.But are these sounds royalty free?

  85. Anonymous /

    why leave an email?

  86. Fionn /


  87. Anonymous /

    Same problem as many others.No link sent to my email so can’t download . Any suggestions?

  88. Anonymous /

    These sound effects are stolen from a video game. Listen to MSG-90_1.mp3 and you can clearly hear somebody getting knifed in the background at the end of the clip.

  89. Anonymous /

    Is this royalty free?

  90. Kameron /


  91. Anonymous /

    Zach you are king .

  92. nice

  93. Anonymous /


  94. Awesome!! Thank you!!

  95. Michael /

    I had this problem too before! You need to make a new E-mail (Make an test one) and then try again. It will work :)

  96. Sweet!

  97. Anonymous /


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  99. tania /

    can’t find the download button

  100. nice, thanks man

  101. theUnknown-ONE /

    There’s no download button

  102. Anonymous /

    Thanks man , I really needed it

  103. Anonymous /

    Thanks a lot.

  104. Cristz88 /

    Thx big bro~

  105. Anonymous /

    Why wont it send to my inbox?can somebody help?

  106. kocha /

    Thanks, lots :)

  107. hey thank you zach

  108. Anonymous /

    this is very very good sounds

  109. Anonymous /

    It rocks!

  110. Awesome stuff, man. Never came across free high quality SFX before. Some of your links are broken, so I’m not sure if this is your thing anymore, but thanks for doing this!

  111. Anonymous /

    not workung :(

  112. Anonymous /

    I like it very much!

  113. Anonymous /

    Are these sounds royalty free?

  114. Billy /

    How were the sounds acquired? Did someone physically get each of these firearms and shoot them?

    Also, are these royalty free?

  115. Did you rip this from a video game?


  117. there is no download button please fix it

  118. Verry great pack!

  119. Anonymous /

    nice fx

  120. Anonymous /

    nice fx!

  121. Anonymous /

    nice good job very good

  122. can’t find download button, please help

  123. nice man

  124. Anonymous /

    These are some nice sounds

  125. Jeroen /

    I can’t find the download link?

  126. BRandall855 /

    Thank you !

  127. Dirk Jäger /

    how is it possible to download this pack

  128. cool stuff!

  129. how to download guys?

  130. where?????

  131. Me entusiasma ver lo Concreto y Profesional del sitioWeb. Espero con ansias el mensaje con los respectivos links.

  132. Anonymous /


  133. Anonymous /


  134. Daniel Cordero /

    Zach King?

  135. Evangelist Phastone /

    this is owesome

  136. I’ve been trying to download guns sounds and whacking sounds, every time I use the link it takes me back to the same page that you put your email in for download.

  137. Anonymous /

    Gak bisa didownload.. Penipu..

  138. Anonymous /


  139. Anonymous /

    Tails cut short and practically all sounds are contaminated! In the end I wasted 3 hours going through everything, trying to restore some of it and the result where 3 usable samples with a sound that wasnt useful to me.
    I understand that working for free is not very motivating, but then just dont do it. What’s the use of wasting other peoples time, because you dont feel like doing a job, you choose to do, properly?

  140. Anonymous /

    Thanks ALOT!!!!

  141. you don't wana know /

    son of a bitch

  142. Anonymous /

    This stuff should be DMCA Reported. This is 100% ripped of a game called “Crossfire” and you’re not allowed to use it in any projects without violating their copyright policy or even sell it.

  143. Anonymous /

    Too heavily compressed leaving no dynamics.

  144. Anonymous /

    Not valid for me

  145. ThePatientOne /

    Do you guys have a link for this? I’ve been finding a working link for years but nothing seems to work…