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Tree/Leaf Sounds

Tree/Leaf Sounds

Are you going to be chopping down a tree or cutting firewood in your next video? This sound effects pack has it covered with all the different types of tree sounds you will ever need.

Here’s what it’s got:

  • ¬†Chopping Wood
  • Delimbing Tree
  • Stick Breaking
  • Tree Creaks
  • Tree Falling
  • Timber
  • Tree in Wind
  • ¬†Tree Leaves
  • Leaves in Wind
  • Wind through trees



Tree/Leaf Sounds
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  1. J Kon /

    This rocks Zach, I’m probably going to use this in my next video. btw thanks for posting the visual effects pdf by aaron today. It was most helpful!

  2. Ballard /

    I know you hear this a lot but your work is so quality. Every single sound effect I have downloaded from this website has been amazing and I want to say thank you! No one does work like you and you are so generous.

  3. Mr King's Fan /

    Zach this website is so cool. I can’t get over it. I’m downloading sounds all night!

  4. thankssss!

  5. Kevin248 /

    The download from Mediafire doesn’t work… “Invalid or deleted File.”

  6. azukiren /

    Is this free? With an email and the unforgettable credit given?

  7. DiM /


  8. Thank you!!!!

  9. guido /

    muchas graciass suenan geniales