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Star Trek Sounds

Star Trek Sounds

The famous Star Trek series has some iconic sounds. Here are a few of them that you can use in your video parodies.

Check out a preview of the sounds:

  • Classic Laser
  • Automatic Door
  • Door Sounds
  • Phaser
  • Scanner
  • Star Ship Hum
  • Star Ship Communication
  • The Cloud


Star Trek Sounds
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  1. Nice, i’ve been searching the classic Star Trek SFX for a year and i found it now. THANKS! AWESOME SFX!

  2. Hello Zack King, that is a great name, from here in Liverpool, well Merseyside actually because I live in New Brighton which is over the water from Liverpool.

    Anyway thanks you very much for the Movie Voice sounds. I feel spurred on to create a small video using the sounds. I am now going to download your Star Trek sounds and have a great time.

    Thank you again and take care of yourself.


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  4. Crimsonguard477 /

    Only one of these sound effects was anywhere near close. The rest were terrible! You would have to pay me to use them. A warning to anyone searching for authentic Star Trek sound effects, these won’t even fool J.J. Abrams.

  5. Anonymous /

    when I am looking for a sound, I check here first – thanks!

  6. Anonymous /

    You can do much better on for free.

  7. Anonymous /

    Gracias = )

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    how to dowload fri

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    i can’t download it … Link is not connect..

  10. Ruwan /

    i can’t download it … Link is not connect.

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    like is no longer valid…. shame…

  12. replace the link, please… i need this sounds!

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    how to download this