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Movie Voice – Trailer Voices

Movie Voice – Trailer Voices

Movie Voice by Zach King
We had a blast producing this Movie Voice Pack for you.

Produced by Zach:

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Movie Voice – Trailer Voices
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  1. cool stuff dude
    wrote credits to you in our mini movie
    look forward to see more

  2. Oh sweet, the downloads work again!

  3. Anonymous /

    So giving credit to you in my movie for school, thanks Zach

  4. timtodayTim Jennes /

    can i use this for an intro when i credit you guys? It’s not rly commercial but my video’s are monetized..

  5. where can I get that background music?

  6. Smashinbeauty /

    If I use this can I monetize my YT video? Is it under CC 3.0?

  7. Dood this is freakin awsome!! I love everything you do man!! Keep up the hard work!!

  8. Anonymous /

    i cant use it in my video

  9. Anonymous /

    how can i make my own,,imean my own words in that kind of sound

  10. Leonard /

    Hey!Great music! Can you make much more of this, like a…soundtrack?

  11. kate /

    Awesome! Good job!

  12. Thank You so much for your Brilliant sound effects! I am a Voice Over Artist and can’t wait to use your professional quality sound effects!

    Many Blessings,

  13. DisturbedBros /

    Do i have to credit you guys for using it? if so? how? plz reply thanks :D

  14. DisturbedBros /

    I’ll write credits to you guys with a link! :D
    great job aswell, keep up the good work!

  15. aidanj /

    got the files open but wont play?

  16. Do you think I could download on my Windows 8 and if so is it virus free?

  17. THANK YOU !!!

  18. Joshua Cramond /

    For some reason it isn’t opening on my mac? can someone help?

  19. Andy Chavarin /

    some arent playing :(

  20. Anonymous /

    Wow! Amazing

  21. I seem to have “Error 2 – No such file or directory”. Help?

  22. AliciaDee /

    I love it! Love it! Love it! It’s Awesome! Unfortuneately, the music did not download when I unzipped the file. Help! How do I get the music downloaded? Can I use the trailer to advertise my commercial audio movies? Is it Royalty Free? Please let me know how should I give the credits.Thank you. You guys Rock!

    • James /

      It’s a encrypted file. Lit Green right? Right click on properties and then click on advanced on the bottom. Go to the checked “ecrypted” box and un-check it. Press “Apply” button. Then Okay to get out of that little tab. Another box will come up DE-crypting the file. When it’s done, it should not be lit green anymore and you can use the file! :) This should help alot of people.

  23. Anonymous /

    Thank you Zack

  24. thank you :) . We’ll write credits to you in our movie.

  25. Anonymous /

    it doesn’t work for me someone help

  26. Anonymous /

    Download link doesn’t work : (

  27. Anonymous /

    :( re upload link pleeeaaaaase :(

  28. Anonymous /

    This doesn’t even work.

  29. The download link doesnt work. :)

  30. Can somebody post a download link please?

  31. Tony /


  32. Anonymous /

    the link is broken bro :( plz fix it

  33. Master Mind /

    The link you are trying to reach is no longer valid
    Please contact the provider of this link for assistance

  34. Does this work with windows movie maker?

    • Yes, but I wouldn’t recommend using movie maker because you cant have two sounds playing at the same time. try using Hitfilm3Express if you have a fast computer. (hitfilm3express is a free program similar to adobe after effects.)

  35. Anonymous /

    Link no longer valid. :(

  36. why Isn’t the link working for me? it says it is no longer valid.

  37. link is not working.. can you guys fix that ??

  38. Woody /

    Dude I usually dont leave any replies but this is really awesome!! Just what I needed:D Offcourse we will enlist you in our credits!!!

  39. The link no longer exists?

  40. rizwan /

    the link is down :(

  41. Anonymous /

    Not Working Please Fix It :(

  42. Myst /

    the zip file is broken pls fix it

  43. Ashil Prasanna Kumar /



    GREAT STUFF !!!! For people who don’t have access to professional studios because of the price or the lack of speakers doing it or yet people like me in a foreign country where it’s even more difficult to find a good English speaker :) The lonely request I could do is to add also some “she” because there are only “he” ! We live in a time with many female heroes ;)

  45. Anonymous /

    thanks Bro For your sounds

  46. This Is AMAZING, its FREE NO CHARGE. This is what i have been looking for, for a long,long time

  47. Annabel Poe /

    Thank GOD for you guys! This is the best thing EVER

  48. Ritesh Koli /

    Thank you so much friend, I love it, It was I need the same, Only to know more how deal with the voice, i.e. VO artist to record the certain script

  49. Thank you so much friend, I love it,

  50. Anonymous /


  51. Anonymous /

    I really love these stuffs

  52. ragupathy /

    Thank you so much King!!

  53. NicoToonZ /

    The link doesn’t work anymore when I download this. Could you please fix it?

  54. Anonymous /

    this is awesome

  55. Thank you!! It works! Really Thank you!

  56. The link doesn’t work anymore. Coull you please fix it?

  57. Anonymous /

    Anyone have a link that works?

  58. Sorry but this is not what I was looking for at all. All this is, is a list of already recorded voices with sentences already recorded. What I want is to take the script I wrote and record my voice so that it sounds exactly like the one from the guy in the movie trailers. Either that or a software program where I can type in my script and have it record what I typed in the movie guys voice. But what you have here is a list of sentences you already recorded which is great but doesn’t help me with what I need. Any program suggestions on what I could use to record this?

  59. It is not real, link dosn´t exist, it si so bad that people enjoy with lays

  60. Omega Brown /

    Wow thanks so very much for the awesome work

  61. Anonymous /


  62. Farid /

    Hey Zach you did an amazing job Dud! thanks it´s awesome!!!

  63. Dundee440 /

    Yeey getting less work for stuff like sthis thx

  64. Morgan /

    Love what you’re doing here Zach. Adding to the creative good. The download link isn’t working though. Is there a new link I could download it from?

  65. megol90 /

    Thanks a bunch!

  66. David /

    I cant get Zachs “One” file to Play?

  67. Thankyou next /

    Can you make a romantic one