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Sword Sounds

Sword Sounds

The sounds of clanging metal and sword swishes are all included in this SFX pack. This download file has over 50 ear quenching sword hits, draws, and swings.

  • Sword Draws
  • Sword Hits
  • Sword Swings
  • Sword Whooshes
  • Sword Swooshes

Sword Sounds
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  1. we should be able to preview the sounds bfor downloading…. just a suggestion

  2. hey, where do i sign up! keep up the great work :) !

    • Jack /

      You don’t, you click download and put your email in the box.

  3. this rox…. how do i down load?

  4. These are really good!

  5. If only I could download it……..

  6. thanks

  7. Anonymous /

    Email links not working. (Nope, its not going to my junk folder).

  8. Simply amazing work. I owe you big time.

  9. i love it

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  11. J.Dot /

    Dude…thanks-a-million for your generosity and time. I will be using some of these sounds in my music.

  12. Your site is amazing! I just want to thank you very much for your passion and dedication.

    Jesus loves you! And I love you to! :) )

  13. Dischtance /

    Thank you man! you saved my ass! :D i`ve been searching the air spins for a thousend years! :)

  14. Chinsoman /

    These are able to be used in comercial purposes, right?

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  16. Not working in 2015 :(

  17. arduinojantje /

    no download link in my email :-(

  18. Anonymous /

    is this gonna be worth it?

  19. Espero con Ansias escuchar este Pack. Del cual todos Hablan con Aprecio. Saludos espero el mensaje.