The best free sound effects… ever


      A grand display of firework sounds explode in your ear. This sound pack is has 32 different sounds with tons of variations for explosions and fireworks fizzles.

Check out a preview:

  • City Fireworks
  • Exploding Fizz
  • Fireworks Explode high
  • Fireworks Explode Low
  • Constant Fireworks
  • One at a time Explosions
  • Firework Display
  • Firework Show with Crowd
  • Firework Fizz
  • Fireworks in City
  • Fireworks in Street

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  1. Kelly /

    These are greeat! I don’t know why it took someone so long to put up some decent Star Trek Sound effects. thanks Zach

  2. Conner /

    Love it Zach King. You are a f***ing rockstar!

  3. Muddassir /

    link not working.. file deleted

  4. Anonymous /

    love thank you

  5. I just got the email, thanks!

  6. DiM /


  7. Anonymous /

    Perfect SFX! Many choices. Thank you!

  8. Anita /

    Thank you

  9. Anonymous /

    have not received the link why

  10. Anonymous /

    tyvm :D like like like

  11. Anonymous /

    nice one

  12. Anonymous /

    Thank you very much. I’m making a video for a senior center and this is perfect.

  13. Anonymous /

    sounds like trash

  14. Anonymous /

    Thanx i like sounds