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Ambiance Pack 2

Ambiance Pack 2

The Ambiance Pack 2 includes even more sound effects for the distant backgrounds of your scene. From Bird calls to Grand Central Station these sounds will help fill out your scenes.

  • Birds
  • Boarding Call
  • Bus Interiors
  • Check Point
  • Close Surf
  • Distant Surf
  • Food Course
  • Kids Playing
  • Lounge Bar
  • Metro Station
  • Metro Interior
  • Restaurant
  • School Bell
  • Shipping Center
  • Spring Weather
  • Squeaky Chair
  • Street Traffic
  • Train Station Hall

Ambiance Pack 2
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  1. This is AWESOME!

  2. Matt Hoffmann /

    These sounds are going to come in very very handy haha i am always a believer in never having too many sound effects :) but thanks to people like yourselves amateurs creating film like me appreciate this sort of thing.
    Zach i have to let you know that i have been following you on youtube for some time now and my projects are coming out a hell of a lot better thanks to your advice so keep up the great work and keep on loving film.

  3. Awesome!

  4. Oliver G. /


  5. Awesome!

  6. Still can’t find a way to download these. If it is there, it should be made more clear… or maybe I should be made more intelligent?

    • Alexander /

      Just type in your email and click on download button then open up your mailbox and open the message from Zach King and click on the word “download link”, wait for a second and your download should begin automatically. No need to thank me :) … It happends!

  7. Yeah!The second part!

  8. MacCork /

    Hi Zach, I’ve been a professional film / editor using computers since 1993 and I subscribed to your YouTube channel because I like the way you deliver your advice and I believe that I must always listen & learn from what ever source I can.
    You have done a great job with the sound effects and helping others out there who love film making.
    Well Done

  9. Stefan Nilsson /

    Very nice sounds.

  10. John K /

    These Sound Effects pak are so well put together. You amaze me!


  11. These sounds are GREAT! thank you!

  12. Anonymous /

    Link is dead bro!


  14. downloads fine, but I get the Ambiance Pack not the Ambiance Pack 2

  15. Anonymous /

    Same problem. I got the Ambiance Pack 1

  16. These sounds will go good with my game graphics…but, web site fixes are slow. I emailed many months ago several times. Still getting Ambiance Pack 1.

  17. Anonymous /

    dude, thanks so much, my videos are doing so much better with these great sound effects, keep up the awesome work

  18. when i get the link it is always part1

  19. Please fix this dude. I want this pack

  20. Very nice sounds. Thank you for sharing +

  21. When i download this one, i actually get the Ambiance 1 pack :(

  22. Anonymous /

    I downloaded this pack and it downloaded the first pack of ambiance. What’s up with that?!

  23. Anonymous /

    It is ambiance pack 1 instead of 2!

  24. Anonymous /

    Ambiance Pack 1, not #2

  25. Anonymous /

    This is Ambiance Pack 1, not #2 – disappointed

  26. Anonymous /

    Why should I be bothered to rate this, if I can’t find the download link! :|

  27. Anonymous /

    thank you!