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Paper/Page Sounds

Paper/Page Sounds

This collection of paper sounds has everything from paper being torn into pieces to scissors cutting through paper.

Paper Sounds:
Cutting Paper
Paper Crumbles
Paper Tears
Page Turns
Writing with Markers
Writing with Pencils


Paper/Page Sounds
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    Great content. You continue to deliver. I am thoroughly impressed with you Zach

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  7. love what you´re doing here – thank you!
    would love to download the paper/page sounds, but as JD said, the link appears to be broken.

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    Downloadlink from MediaFire broken

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    The link is broken :(

  10. link is broken (Filed being deleted)

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    Link’s down. What a pitty, because your sounds are awesome :/

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    LInk doesn’t work! Repair it please!!

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    Nice work ! but DEAD LINK :/

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    Imma use this in my music :)