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Lion Roars

Lion Roars

Lion Sound Effects


    • ┬áLion Growling 1
    • Lion Growling 2
    • Lion Roar 1
    • Lion Roar 2
    • Lion Road 3
    • Mountain Lion



    Lion Roars
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  1. Very nice all these cool sound effects and such a nice website

  2. Why can’t we preview the sound effects?

  3. It’s a great thing that I need to make my OSX lion make these noises lol

  4. King – I like that you give so much away unlike most people who hoard for themselves. Thanks for your heart of giving. You will succeed and so will everyone who hangs around you. I am going to post this message several times so you see it.

    Hunter, PA

  5. Greg /

    Entered my email address, and the site just emails me a link to the main page. I can navigate back to the sound I wanted, and I have to enter my email again. :-(

  6. thanks

  7. DiM /


  8. Tabitha /

    love the sounds

  9. Anonymous /

    It said ” sweet, lion roars in your E-Mail ” Nothing in my E-Mail