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Gun SFX Pack 1

Gun SFX Pack 1


There are over 60 sound effects in this Gun Sounds Pack. Because there are so many different types of guns and sounds, I have created a gun PDF guide to help you match the sounds to the type of gun.


  •  9mm Glock 17
  • 50 Cal Machine Gun
  • 50 Cal Casing
  • 416 Barrett Sniper
  • 600 Nitro Express
  • Ansamble A Gun
  • AR-15 Gunfire
  • Barreta M9
  • Bullet Whizzing
  • Chambering A Round
  • Depth Charges
  • Dry Fire Gun
  • Ejecting Magazine
  • Explosion Ultra Bass
  • Glock 17 9mm
  • Grenade
  • Gun Loaded Cocked and Shot
  • Gun Load
  • Gun War
  • Gunfire in Crowd
  • Heavy Machine Gun Fire
  • HD Machine Gun Fire
  • Loading Shotgun
  • Loud Bang
  • M 82 Barrett 50 Cal
  • M1 Garand Gun
  • M1 Garand Gunfire
  • M1 Garand Single
  • M4A1 Single
  • M16 Assault Rifle

    Gun SFX Pack 1
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  1. hope you enjoy! This is one of my favorites.


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