The best free sound effects… ever



Realistic explosion sound effects that are perfect for war or battle sequences.

Hear these sound effects in action.

  • Blast
  • Distant Blast
  • Explosion 1-3
  • Loud Explosion
  • Rumble Before Explosion
  • Mortar Explode


See these sound effects in action.

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  1. Fantastic!!

    • Sumit Das /

      hey zack…this short film that u have built up is super massive……u know i’m also interested in this aspect….can you suggest me how do you provide such kind of special effects to ur film?…i’ll be waiting for ur suggestion………

    • Anonymous /

      alot of work there huh

  2. Muuito bom esse site, parabéns pela iniciativo, agradeço por compartilhar!

  3. thanks for adding the preview buttons today. Quick response.

  4. muy buenos sonidos y buena pagina gracias!!!

  5. Thank you! Very helpfull!

  6. Anonymous /

    hye where the button download?

  7. So you have to leave a comment to download…

  8. Do you have to comment to download?

  9. cool website

  10. niceeeeeee

  11. eli stonemets /

    Sweet! very awesome.

  12. eli stonemets /

    Sweet. Very awesome!

  13. Thanks, pretty cool

  14. Robert Johnson /

    Again, Zach this site gets better and better. Your team did a beautiful job on this website.

  15. My name is also Zack but you are like a way cooler version of me.

  16. Geek Shaman /


  17. i’m confused..

  18. Devon Paul /

    Great sounds!

  19. arman /

    how can i download?

  20. Anonymous /

    The emails are working perfect now. thx

  21. Anonymous /

    how to download this?

  22. Anonymous /


  23. Spacem0nk3y /

    I commented, now i want my download link

  24. Anonymous /


  25. David /

    In the short movie above, you have a jet do a fly over. I use after effects 5.5 and would really like to add an effect like this in a short movie. Can you help ?

  26. You went nutz with that one

  27. how to download this

  28. Vick /

    Please the link. Hey! Nice concept.

  29. inther /


  30. nah.. i see it after i log in..

  31. dunno how to download

  32. eammon /

    excellent where do you download

  33. Someone /

    I’ve got something to say; Not working.
    I write my E-Mail and nothing showed up in my Inbox, and i check all my folders.

  34. Somebody /

    Thanks !

  35. Nice Sounds, Very useful! ;)

  36. Anonymous /

    thank you

  37. These sound will serve me good ! Thank you very much !

  38. Anonymous /

    Thank you very much i really need these sound fx for my new short film

  39. Thank you! I’m using some sound effects for my school project…

  40. nice sound effect

  41. janosrichter /


  42. Anonymous /

    This is a great video. Way to go.. I love it!

  43. kittichai /

    I live you

  44. Howard /

    you are so talented. Great work young man!!! I will credit you in my youtube videos. thanks for your great work

  45. Anonymous /

    hey Zach, can you make a tutorial video about editing?

  46. Anonymous /

    Nice job bro. Goodluck!

  47. Anonymous /

    CAN`T hear, cant download…what is the purpose of this?

  48. Download?

  49. Nugraha firza /

    wonderfull, sangat bagus


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