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Jungle Suspense Hits

Jungle Suspense Hits
Dramatic Wind Pipe hits are great for orchestration of a story. These sounds sound like creepy/scary jungle noises.
This pack includes 37 pipe type hits.


Jungle Suspense Hits
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  1. truly great content here.

  2. King – I appreciate that you give so much away unlike most people who hoard for themselves. Thanks for your heart of giving. You will succeed and so will everyone who hangs around you. I am going to post this message several times so you see it.

    Hunter, PA

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      amen to that… well said hunter… and again, thanks so much king…

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      he gives this stuff away free because he gets paid to collect emails and give them away to spammers. i dont really care but he’s no saint.

  3. You are the fricken man King! – and the finalcutking team whoever you are.

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  5. i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

  6. oh my gosh these sounds are amazing, the gun sounds are extremely good, and btw your videos are inspiring you are gonna be the next steven spielberg!!!!

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    Thanks for this, really help me!!! love ur work man!

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    No longer available

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    What happened? Why is this no longer available?

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  11. Zach, your sounds are awesome! Great work! Maybe you are interested in knowing that Jungle Suspense Hits’ download link is not working.

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    download link is broken

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    the link does not work

  14. Please re-upload, thank you for the shares. :)

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    please reupload. it said the link is broken.

  16. thanks King

  17. link DOES NOT WORK

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    problem in link. breaking.

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    Please fix download, in desperate need of this pack for school project. Thanks!

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    link doesn’t work, please correct!!! please

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  25. What’s the license for these?