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Creatures & Monsters

Creatures & Monsters

Scary creatures, aliens, monsters, and dinosaurs can hardly be contained in this sound effects pack.

Download these sounds if you dare:

  • Alien Sounds
  • Dinosaur Roars
  • Godzilla Walking
  • Monster Growl
  • Zombie Mummies
  • Pterodactyl Screeching
  • Raptors
  • Roars
  • T-Rex Sounds
  • Werewolf Howls


Creatures & Monsters
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  1. Thanks for this Zach! First. :)

  2. This whole site is amazing! You are awesome for doing this Zach and Team!

  3. K.rather /

    Done it again. Amazing!

  4. Mr King can you read minds? Because you seem to always know what filmmakers need and then you do the most incredible job presenting it. You are so talented. Not many great minds out there like you.

  5. how to download??

  6. James /

    The link for this in my email wouldn’t open up. I tried a couple of times. I downloaded a few others just fine. Is it on my end?

  7. mike /

    When I try to extract it tells me the files are encrypted and cannot download due to a problem with t he files

  8. jerrydemunno /

    unreal and just fantastic

  9. marko /

    thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous /

    Its not working for me. i put my email address in correctly and downloaded them but it doesn’t send to my email address or does it let me test out the sound samples. what a waste of time.

  11. DiM /


  12. Amazing work! Thank you so much for all what you do!

  13. Anonymous /

    Thanx, happy new year!

  14. Anonymous /

    thank you Zach

  15. Anonymous /

    better u put the download link coz have failed to get it.

  16. Amazing! Thanks for this.

  17. how to download? tell me please

  18. Kim Shean /

    How to donwload the sound. Some please show to me.