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Crashes, Strikes and Whacks

Crashes, Strikes and Whacks

Download this free sound effects pack of Crashed, Strikes, Hits and Whacks.

This free sound effects download includes the following sounds:

  • Blocks Fall
  • Boxes Fall
  • Boxes
  • Breaking Glass 1
  • Breaking Glass 2
  • Lots of Glass Breaking
  • Crash
  • Cleaning up Mess
  • Cups Fall
  • Cheese Grater
  • Tin Cup Crash
  • Pot Back in Cupboard
  • Pot Lid
  • Toys
  • Setup Domino
  • Domino Single
  • Dominos in a row
  • door knock with urgency
  • Explosion 3 firecrackers slowed
  • Explosion Firecracker
  • Garbage Bag
  • Glass Break
  • Glass Pieces
  • Harsh Click
  • Large Light Bulb Breaks
  • Match Lit
  • Object Falls
  • Pot Lid
  • Sandbad
  • Splash
  • Smash Head
  • Splat Sounds
  • Thumps
  • Whip Dry
  • Whip
  • Wine Glass Break
  • ¬†Wine Glass Falls
  • Wine Glass

Crashes, Strikes and Whacks
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  1. Anonymous /

    Many thanks.

  2. Gracie /

    Can u please make more videos like the light saber 1, zach? cuz i wanna listen to the noises before seeing if i wanna download them, and i have a chromebook so i CANT download them :(

  3. wow thanks for all the great sounds!

  4. TheBeginner /

    Thank you for the amazing sounds effect pack! ^^

  5. Anonymous /

    This is a nice pack! You might want to fix the download links to your older packs, though. Sad to see them offline, everybody’s asking to fix it and no reaction for months…

  6. So sad… The link is offline =/

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    broken link :-(

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    Broken link. Please repair.
    Thank you

  10. Hey the link is still broken :(

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    Does anything on this site work?

  12. The link you are trying to reach is no longer valid
    Please contact the provider of this link for assistance

  13. adnan Khan /

    Awesome Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  14. Anonymous /

    “Link no longer available” Worthless… don’t download

  15. Anonymous /

    This is no longer available. Can this be fixed?

  16. Madehepal /

    Please update the links on your website!

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  19. Anonymous /

    would be nice if you reup it

  20. Anonymous /

    I wish I’d scrolled all the way down here.. Link still not valid.

  21. No links?? /

    Link broken???

  22. Anonymous /

    Sent Link is not working!

  23. link broken

  24. Hi I have bee in watching u on YouTube for so many days and recently I am going to make my first movie. So hope all these SFX are going to make my way easy. Thanks V

  25. Anonymous /

    Lying bitch

  26. the link didn’t work.. pls repair thanks.

  27. Sidur Rahman Siam /

    Please Repaire The Link,
    Your Site IS Very Usefull

  28. Anonymous /

    yup.. link still broken..

  29. Anonymous /

    beware, they send you a fake link after you give them your email. Likely phishing operation.

  30. your link is not valid

  31. Anonymous /

    I would very much appreciate it if you would fix this link with the next 69 seconds so that i can continue with my work!!!

  32. Hey Love your stuff so far, but this link is broken atm.
    Could you let me know when its working.

  33. Nobody... /

    Yeah so the link is not working for me, do you think you can let me know when it’s working again.


    And nice stuff BTW.

  34. Anonymous /

    It is not letting me play the effects you should fix this problem

  35. Anonymous /

    doesn’t work

  36. the link is not available

  37. Anonymous /

    the link didn’t works

  38. Anonymous /

    link is down…

  39. Anonymous /

    I really liked this website, but all of the packs i’ve tried to download are down. I hope this gets fixed.

  40. Anonymous /

    The Link is still no longer valid

  41. Reditor /

    The link appears to be out of service?

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    Link still broken. Sadly.

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    your download website is not valid now what?

  44. its not working :(

  45. Download has not found man.. please is not working

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  48. teacher /

    Terrible website! Links get sent to email, but says link no longer available. Waste of time.

  49. RV Cultura e Arte /

    off-line :-(

  50. Anonymous /

    “The link you are trying to reach is no longer valid” please fix this

  51. Anonymous /

    Take the site down. Nothing works

  52. Anonymous /

    download link no longer works

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    the download link does not work

  54. Thank you very much!

  55. Anonymous /

    Worked for me and it is great! Thanks!

  56. Karla Valenzuela /

    Hi! I downloaded it and it says the link does not work, is it just my computer?

  57. Anonymous /

    failed :(

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    You’re download link doesn’t work!

  59. oasdoasodoasd /

    Fuck you

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    Broken link. So sad

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    The download link is broken or something cause I can’t download it

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    please re update the link

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    Still broken after 2 years. Either fix it or remove it, doesn’t inspire confidence in your site at all.

  65. Omega Brown /

    Link not in existence, still?

  66. Anonymous /

    link doesn’t work

  67. Anonymous /

    Links no longer valid

  68. Anonymous /

    Can I use this website all sound effects my standard YouTube licence…..??……. Can I believe this website….?

  69. Carles /

    Hi! The download link is no longer available, can you reupload it?
    Thanks for your job you’re a genius!

  70. link down :(

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    It wont email to me

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    It says the link is invalid when I click on the download ink emailed to me. Please help


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