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Ambiance Pack 1

Ambiance Pack 1

Ambiance sounds for the background of your videos.

The ambiance sound pack includes the following sounds -

  • Airplane Hum
  • Amusement Park
  • Auditorium Cheer
  • Basketball Cheers
  • Cattle in Field
  • Cheering
  • City Sidewalk
  • Department Store
  • Grand Central Station
  • Grocery Store
  • Sporting Crowd
  • Sports Stadium
  • Subway Train
  • Street Walking


Ambiance Pack 1
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  1. dude these are actually useful for my films

  2. how can I download it

    • type in your email address dude

      • Where do I type in my eMail? I am probably an idiot, but I can not find a download link anywhere… just the comments function…

        If I get this and it’s helpful, I will gladly upload the stuff I recorded, too!

        • Go to the very bottom of the effects list until it says the last effect, which is “Street Walking”. Now, just scroll down about an inch from that, then you’ll see “Download Ambiance Soundtrack” which isnt a link. Look right underneath it then you should see a form that says “Email”.

          Enter in your email, and the download link will be sent to you.
          hope that helps,

    • click on what you want to download then click the download button

  3. Anonymous /

    This is a comment

  4. I want that sounds


    • Anonymous /

      it’s not a fake i have used these sounds in my films it’s probaly a bug with your computer

  6. Anonymous /

    Thanks you so much bro

  7. Cangh /

    thank you

  8. Anonymous /

    When I enter my Email address, I get no email and no download link? :C