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Lightsaber Sounds

Lightsaber Sounds


The Lightsaber sound. What more can be said about one of the most iconic sounds in one of the most iconic sagas in film history? Here is a compilation of all the light saber sounds you will ever need for your fan films. To download the sound pack, fill in your email address below and you will be sent a download link.

See these sound effects in action with Jedi Kittens!



Check out the creator of the lightsaber sound effects for the Star Wars movies.

(the guy is a genius)


Lightsaber Sounds
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  1. Amazing! Great website and ever better SFX!

  2. Great site. Finally a good free SFX site. All the other ones always have a catch.

  3. Luis Rivera /

    Sr. I have my club Martial Arts and also have my demo team, we do a lot of show, for example naruto, stars wars, kung fu panda, and i like to have does sound it that ok Sr. thank u We from Puerto rico. Gpd bless

  4. Anonymous /

    Freaking sweet!!

  5. Bad website…. where is the link to the sounds.. I can find them???

  6. sk001306 /

    thanks zach

  7. How can i download the sounds??

    • Gracie /

      Just click the download button, fill in the information needed, and then it will send a link to your email that you can download! Pretty cool, right? :)

  8. Phil Arvidsson /


  9. sooo cooool

  10. GIve me the sounds please :D /


  11. sound expert /

    Love these a lot~

  12. These sound effects aren’t original. They were extracted from the movies. Try creating your own lightsaber sound effect next time.

  13. Darth_Soron /


  14. Darth_Soron /

    BTW there is no download button on this one and others needs fixing

  15. Anonymous /

    This collection is *most impressive*

  16. Sir.Awesome /

    That is both awesome and hilarious!

    Dude, you need to make a minecraft pack!

  17. Anonymous /

    best website ever

  18. Anonymous /

    It’s Not Lightsaber Pack, It’s Laser Pack.

  19. Anonymous /

    link doesnt work for shit… suck ass balls blow me fuck off.

  20. Anonymous /

    link down, nice sounds btw thx ;)

  21. Anonymous /

    Link doesn’t work anymore :(

  22. Anonymous /

    Doesn’t work, come on honey, fix this :p

  23. Anonymous /

    It works but it’s a bad pack :/

  24. annoyed sfx searcher /

    these better not be the lame pack I keep getting with chunks of music, feet shuffling and Vader breathing in the background

  25. Anonymous /

    not even lightsaber sounds! wtf

    • Anonymous /

      This guy knows it, these sfx are not clean and therefore not very useful.
      Apparently this uploader has a substantial YouTube following. What he doesn’t have is an ear for sound.

  26. Vick /


  27. Anonymous /


  28. Anonymous /

    Get atube catcherfordownloading sounds.

  29. web surfer /


  30. Kassam Ashraf /


  31. Thanks for the file.

  32. Anonymous /


  33. Norman Wootan /

    With the new Star Wars film coming out in Dec. I want to purchase a “Good” light sabre with the “Best” sound effects “True to movie”! Suggestions “Please”!

  34. Anonymous /

    thx a lot!!!! Magnificient job. A big hugh !!

  35. HaloWolf58 /

    how do you play the sounds?
    Because I have windows 10

  36. Hugh Janus /

    Get in my butthole

  37. Anonymous /

    Thank you so much for this sounds. !!
    And great job with that kitty jedi video . It was very funny ja


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